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Rayman Legends Modding
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    Rayman Legends Modding

    Game Save:

    I completed the first stage.

    Collected 9 Teensies. (There are 700 of them, 10 in each stage I think).
    I have 1 Lucky Ticket.
    556 Lums.

    Lums are about the only thing worth modding, since these are used to purchase characters (to use other than Rayman). Some characters need hundreds and thousands of Lums, the most expensive being 1,000,000 Lums.

    I found a few values in the save, but too many instances. I'll play some more to collect more Lums to narrow it down -- in the mean time there is the my save so far for anyone interested in having a look. Ubisoft game.
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    Re: Rayman Legends Modding

    thank you for the shared looking for make a save editor



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