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Xbox 360 Dashboard Buffering Video Issue
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    Xbox 360 Dashboard Buffering Video Issue

    For the last couple of months or so I have noticed a huge reduction in the quality of Xbox 360 Dashboard Video. I went online to see if anyone else was having the same problems, and I was relieved when I saw several people with the same issue. Many of the Xbox ambassadors were confused because they thought people were talking about apps playing video. Their answer was delete the app and download it again! The issue is when I click on the Battlefield 4 multi-player video link and it opens up then buffers and buffers plays a few seconds and buffers. At first I thought it was my internet connection, but I new for a fact that I was getting 65 mb/sec from the router and upwards of 20-30 mbs/sec from the cable modem from speedtest.net. You Tube worked and so did and so did Netflix.Then two days ago there was an update that seemed endless while downloading but again, the numbers were good, bandwidth was not my issue.
    Knowing other people have opened up other links on the dashboard and have the same buffering problem So I knew it wasn't just me and other people were feeling my pain.Then a light bulb appeared over my head (metaphorically speaking)during the first Xbox One announcement they were pitching a huge number of servers for the backbone of Xbox Live Cloud for Xbox One. So if they were going to use , oh I don't know, pick a number? 300k servers to maintain the integrity of the service/network. So it occurred to me that they are building and testing this now and it has to take a tole on the existing Service. Who knows maybe they are even taking servers and moving them over to the new cloud based Xbox Live.
    Decreased processing power along with bandwidth allocation could possibly be the reason? IDK there are a hell of a lot of smarter people than me that probably know the answer, but for now if I push the (A) button to watch something being hyped on the dashboard I know for certain that its gonna piss me off watching it buffer every two seconds. Thats when I pick up my laptop and find what I want and watch it from the same location on the same wireless network with no problems what so ever!
    The big question is Xbox Live Service being compromised while they ramp up for the launch of Xbox one? Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks D.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Dashboard Buffering Video Issue

    well im not having any issues myself, i have never had any issues with playing videos from the dashboard, im not sure if the reason is cause they are testing things for xbox one, but it wouldn't surprise if they were, i do know of other people who have had your problem but that was way before xbox one was even announced, so i don't believe that the reason you are having issues is cause they are testing things but i know nothing for certain
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