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Music while you're gaming?
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    Music while you're gaming?

    I usually listen to music when I'm playing games other then multiplayer. Just wondering if anyone else does to.

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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    I did try to a couple of times whilst playing BF3 on PS3,but i just kept getting distracted so i don't listen while playing anymore also cant hear friends on the Mic to well :)

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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    Yup same here only in single player games for multiplayer no :D
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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    depends on the game, but since most my games are jrpgs and have great music already i just listen to that lol
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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    Depends on the game and situation. If it's something rather mindless and I don't have to have audio cues like Dynasty Warriors, I tend to throw some tuneage on. If it's my first time through something like Skyrim, I don't. I actually turn the in-game music down to help immersion.

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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    Most of my games are action adventure and role playing so I tend to listen to their soundtracks to keep me in the universe, but sometimes I'll listen to my own stuff now and again.
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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    i dont listen to music when i game multiplayer or single player as i am usually in a party for both even if im on the rgh playing ill have the live xbox on and be in party so no music for me i also find it very distracting when when gaming and i even turn music right down on all the games i play i did however enjoy saints row 4 107fm but after 6 hours of the same music it got turned off
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    Re: Music while you're gaming?

    I mostly play singleplayer games that are story-oriented, so I don't listen to music so I don't get distracted. Only when I'm messing around or playing online will I listen to music.


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