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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo
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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo

    Despite what i have said about the XIII series in the past, i am actually looking forward to this game, after watching this video, it looks like it will shape up to be a great game IMO, now after watching this video my thoughts:

    I like how she runs, seems pretty fast to me, i like how the village/town looked and everything else looked great IMO, pretty cool, i like how you can move during battle yourself and you can see after the battle there is no longer a rating system like the first two games which i didn't like in the first place, i like how she battles as well, looks very fluid, it looks like you actually control the way you battle now, which i feel was loss on the first two games, i don't know what everything means in battle but what i can gather, i know she has atb bars, but its has numbers now like 53/100 and continue to rise back to the limit when your not attacking and each outfit she changes to has an atb bar, so now she can attack way more times, and each atb bar has different values like the yellow had 90/120 so that must mean you can increase you atb amount, also the other atb bars will go back up when your not using them, she has the TP bar but this time its your health, the 5 with the small bars around it is EP for something called overclock mode(looks like your in a powered up state), you use EP by pressing L2 and while in overclock mode she can use EP again to do a special move that looked awesome IMO, on the right you can see she has L1 and R1 to change her outfit which changes her attacks, and you do attacks by pressing triangle, square, cross, circle, the bar that looks like the atb bar outside of battle seems to be the way she runs faster, the faster you run the more the bar goes down, she has a crap load of outfits, but it looks like you can only equip 3 at a time for battle, i wonder if you can increase that somehow, as you can see definitely a lot of changes from the first two games which is a plus for me ;)

    all in all this game i believe is going to be amazing game, i am looking forward to it

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    Re: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo

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    Re: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo

    i was there...
    the game was quite interesting... till they showed the cloud costume... that i didn't like very much...

    though what i'm more interested in was the HD version of final fatnasy X.... (not X2 though ^_^)
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    Re: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo

    Looks interesting, nice share!
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    Re: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo

    Looks awesome great share Cloud :)
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    Re: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gamescom 2013 Demo

    looking forward to this game , great share cloud
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