Okay so I have been using a gamesave to farm diablo in inferno but I wanted to know how do you mod levels because I have each character level 60 and paragon 100 but I want a gamesave with just all barbarians level 60 and I can do the paragon mod myself so if anyone can make a gamesave with 8-10 level 60 barbs please link me it or if you could just tell me how to change the levels from 1 -60. Please and thank you. I just spent an hour taking level 60 barb saves and putting them all in one save just to kill d once and since all the barbs were the same char.dat file it was as if I did it on all of them and I just wasted all that time ha. So if somebody can get me a level editor thank you or make a save for me with 10 level 60 barbs :)