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Question About HDD and Ports
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    Slobber Question About HDD and Ports

    let me star for saying Hello to all in the forum, and is great to be here and read and understand so many things, that now in days no one share....aim old school so we learn from sharing....

    ok so as far i have learn you can used any HDD for a RGH or JTag well, as i understand a WD up to 2TB is the best bet, so my question is can i used and extra one on usb? or the 2TB is all together, meaning a 2 TB or 1 TB on each port. or can i used one internal and 2 usb external of any size up to 2TB.

    sorry but for movies and music, and my achievement is to create a game center, movie center, music center all in one.

    thankz in advance... b0rax out....

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    Re: Question About HDD and Ports

    Which JTAG/RGH u have the elite or slim? as i no the elite have 3 USB ports and slim have 4 i think.

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    Re: Question About HDD and Ports

    its a trinity, Gears of war, slim



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