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Thoughts On GTA V ?
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    Thoughts On GTA V ?

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of GTA V,me personally i think its Graphics are Amazing and the missions just wow :)

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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    I'm having a lot of fun playing, picked my copy up yesterday morning and ended up pulling an all-nighter, though I did take breaks. Did pretty good too, only died once until I got Trevor, then his personality rubbed off on my play style and I ended up getting into a lot of shootouts with the cops. Overall, it's a very good game, I am a bit disappointed that there's no physics on the strippers though, you'd think with all that work with their animations and everything else they'd go that extra little bit...lol.
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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    Honestly, I'm just not having fun with the game. I'm going to make an effort to return it within the hour; just not sure what to exchange it for.
    Given how many games I have on my backlog, I find it rather puzzling that I picked it up at all; especially given that I never intended to purchase it in the first place.

    Sorry if my opinion is displeasing to others.

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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    I always have fun with this game, not necessarily the graphics since there are better looking games out there but just the scope of the game. I love the fact that I can turn the game on, drive around and find something to do without trying too hard.

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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    I love everything about this game but the switching of the guys tru the game i feel like i lose the indepthness of the game.

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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    i had this game since friday and it's fun but now im playing diablo 3..gta 5 is fun but it's to easy you cant change the difficulty also the map is huge but some places are empty an there is nothing to do there but walk or just drive around an hope u run into some sort of animal.

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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    the game is awesome and the Graphics too but i can,t wait to play this game online
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    Re: Thoughts On GTA V ?

    I have talked with 4 friends lately about this game and they have me pumped up and ready to PLAY NOW! Too bad my internet speed is insanely slow(+ expensive) and the game file size is 16 gb.

    This game, in my eyes, is a must play just like the last version was.

    I won't be able to play it until the first week of October, but oh man I sure will have fun - I already know it.


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