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Help with Diablo 3 Character problem
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    Help with Diablo 3 Character problem

    Ok... So here is the problem I have. I duplicated a character and then I edited it. I changed the level, name, and also changed to hardcore. I then injected the modified character into another character. Both characters show up. Great!!! But when I go to play the softcore character is keeps loading the hardcore. If I delete the hardcore in game then the softcore works fine. I can't find any reference to the hardcore character in the softcore or vice versa. If I remove the account.dat and replace it with a totally different one from another profile then I get the same thing. Which ever one I load first becomes dominate and I can't load the other version. Am I missing something?

    Here are the steps I took...
    1. Make a dummy character Named dummy then save game and turn off xbox.
    2. Extract character 72XXXXXXXXXXX.dat with horizon
    3. Make a duplicate on computer in a different folder.
    4. Decrypt duplicate in mod folder and hex edit, changing name, level, and mode (HardCore)
    5. Save Hex edits and re-encrypt.
    6. Open horizon and find dummy character 2dXXXXXXXXXX.dat right click and choose replace.
    7. Browse to the mod folder and choose edited character and select it as the replacement.
    8. Save, Re-Hash, and Re-Sign (3 times to be sure)
    9. Save to device.
    10. Power on xbox, Load Diablo 3, and see both characters are there.
    11. Load hardcore save just fine.
    12. Load softcore save not fine, it loads the hardcore save.
    13. Start over... Same results, hardcore loads no matter what.
    14. Delete hardcore save within game, softcore loads fine.

    So anyone have any ideas? Thanks for reading this mess and for any thoughts.

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    Re: Help with Diablo 3 Character problem

    The best idea i can come up with is somehow the Characters are merging daat somewhere if you delete one and it reverts to normal than try keeping your softcore one you HDD and you hard core on MU or you could try re-injecting into a new character if both the characters are using the same .dat file than that may be a problem as well but i am sure that is not the case



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