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{HELP}I Need To Learn How To Hex Edit Diablo 3 Xbox 360
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    {HELP}I Need To Learn How To Hex Edit Diablo 3 Xbox 360

    The Title Explains it all... So Im Hoping I Can Get Help From Sombody That Knows Hexing For D3...

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    Re: {HELP}I Need To Learn How To Hex Edit Diablo 3 Xbox 360

    If it's about modding items here is a small guide from Idlehands88 in case you missed it in the thread.


    If it's for stats here is an editor made by Idlehands88;

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    Re: {HELP}I Need To Learn How To Hex Edit Diablo 3 Xbox 360

    well! Actually i transferred my save on my usb, pasted in my pc, opened with bruteforce, decrypt with it, open with D3Decrypt....but...the problem is....how can i know which character i'm hexing??? maybe one time i want to hex an item in my mage.....another time the one in my shaman so.......how do i know that??? with my monk i've tried to put everything in my stash and leaved my item to hex in my inventory (the only one..even potions was dismissed) but i still don't know how to find it!!! It has 6 effects so i CTRL+F and tried to find 1D but what i've found is not good!! I expected to find 1D blablablabla 1D blablablabla 1D blablablabla but no....one D here....one D after 10 pages.....help us please!!!



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