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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Excellent work! I finally can easily add effects to items, without issues with adding bytes. Thank you Jappi and others involved :D

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Thanks you.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Nice one - Thanx for our work!

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by sledziaru View Post
    Excellent work! I finally can easily add effects to items, without issues with adding bytes. Thank you Jappi and others involved :D
    Can you please teach me how to do that? Also can we duplicate items?

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    This is amazing. Just like anything it all begins small. Thanks man.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    This's exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you so much

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Jappi88 View Post
    Diablo3 Save Editor
    Author : Jappi88

    About :
    This Tool Was created for research purpose only, and nothing more.
    Me and my good friend cybersam are working on the final tool, but deu the lack of time, the final tool has been put on hold.

    because of the project being on hold for now, i decided to make the research tool noob friendly and ready for public use.
    I think it came out pretty well, however This build should be considert as BETA, and bugs may acure once a while.

    Current feutures:
    Modify Cash
    Modify some character stats.
    Extract/Replace Hero.
    Edit Game preferences.
    Edit raw data (extract/replace/add or modify blocks/properties).
    Search for id/value.

    Additional Info :
    When the game corrupts after modding something, reload the save into the tool, hit save, and try again.
    If the gold input has been disabled means you need to play the game until the first checkpoint.
    If the stats are unavailible, play the game with that character until the first checkpoint.

    Editing character name is not availible at this build, there is something fishy about the structure that i havent figured out yet :/

    How to use :
    Make Manual Backup of your valid d3save then fallow :

    1) load your d3save by drag and drop or just by File >> Load.
    2) Edit the stats and gold to your desirings.
    3) Hit save.
    4) Close File (File >> Close)
    5) Transfer the d3save back to Your MU
    6) Profit!

    You can also modify the raw data directly, But at your own Risk!
    Modifying the raw data without having a cleu will most likely corrupt your save.
    It is ment for advanced users!

    You should always use this tool with caution, and Make a Valid Backup beforehand.
    I am not responsible for any harm or damage you may cause by using this tool.
    you automaticly agree the terms and condition by using this tool.

    Special Thanks to :
    Sephiroth, Cybersam, Mojobojo, feudalnate, SteffenL (creator of DISE), bernhardelbl (Be.HexBox)

    Screens :

    Attachment 13173
    great tool mate, but could you explain how to mod act progression so I have all acts/difficulties completed?
    cant seem to work it out. thanks.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    excellent tool Jappi88! as someone else said saves me messing around in multiple tools to do 1 simple thing :D



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