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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    thanks guys, great work

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Well, Diablo 3's ruined....

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Awesome work. Thank you

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    I'm not sure if it was just for my file or if it will affect everyone the same, but when I maxed a particular value (Dexterity for instance) with the button, it caused my file to get the "Invalid SFTS Package!" error when I tried to inject it back. I reloaded the file on the editor and used a more modest value (10K) and it injected just fine.

    Any chance that error is caused from going too far with the "max" button?
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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Game Wizard View Post
    Well, Diablo 3's ruined....
    yea... this did it, not the community's lack of self-control and compulsive need to be a thorn in other players' sides. the people creating these awesome tools and guides are not the enemy here(In fact, I applaud these peoples problem solving talents), its the players that aren't responsible with their creations. This isn't to say everyone is a tool, but enough people are for it to ruin an online community.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Can someone with some time just write a short tutorial on how to inject blacksmith pages and those other tomes. Thank you
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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    nice work


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    Re: Diablo 3 Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Awesome job, man, thanks a bunch!



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