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Splinter Cell Black List "SPY VS MERCENARIES Online" Share Your Gameplay Style
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    serious business Splinter Cell Black List "SPY VS MERCENARIES Online" Share Your Gameplay Style

    Hey whats up guys. Do u Know any great strategy for SPY VS MERCENARIES BLACKLIST MATCH online ??. Like how to attract a Merc to a location and then u want to flank him in the dark. Or how to separate a Merc by distracting him from his team mates with some kind of sound.?

    I know about the sticky camera and its pretty much useless for distraction purposes because it produces the same sound every time which makes it obvious that merc know that its a sticky camera. And It can also be detected Radio Frequency Detector (RFD).

    So do u guys know a way to distract a Merc with a sound like in the story mode if u press SELECT then SAM will make a kind of sound to distract some one like a "Whistle" or "Hey u" or "Hey there" etc. And i think u cant do this online or if there is a way u can do it then let me know.

    And how about we want to distract a Merc with firing a non suppressed gun and shoot a wall or barrel or any object? Will it leave a mark on the Mercs MAP where the bullet hit or will it give away my position where i was shooting from and i will be detect like in a scanner with a red colour layout over my spy?.

    Come on guys i need ur expertise in this awsome game !!!
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