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[Release] WWE '13 Save Editor
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    WWE '13 Save Editor

    Well, after a week or so of testing and googling and PMing, I've finally done it. I've finished my first ever save editor!
    It's a WWE '13 Save Editor, and I think I've done a pretty good job at it. Now, I by no means want to compare it with Pur3Raf3x's, Hacker T's or BrienJ's programs but I think I did a pretty good job at it!

    -Supports STFS save files, no need to extract!
    -Extra Rehash and Resign function, fix any 360 save file!
    -Load IDs, this tool automatically rehashes and resigns the edited/chosen save files with the given IDs which are loaded when the program first runs(IDs can be changed using a function in the program).
    -Short cut keys!
    -About box, screw readmes. :P

    Let me know if you like it or if you have suggestions!
    I plan on doing graphics for interface, etc. for a WWE 2K14 editor :)

    GodzCheater with checksum help
    Jappi88 for ISOLib and help.
    Fendulate for PackageIO.
    Tekken57 for help.

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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    Great job on your first save editor TheBart keep it up :)
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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    Thanks, thegutta :)

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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    This is a nice little editor, and it works great, this makes me wish i had finished my editor :'(
    But great share tho :)
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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    nice work on your first editor TheBartFoundation, hope to see more from you in the future :)
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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    Thank you, The Icon Jordan and CloudStrife7x :) I'm definitely plan on doing a WWE 2K14 editor. I may also make some editors for some other games that I may like :)

    BTW, the blank spaces that appear in the grid are not me being lazy, they're actually no model slots, you can add superstars with them and select them by pressing random until it lands on them. This feature is only for JTAG users who know how to do it, though. They can also add guys as DLC, hopefully after 2K14 is released adding them as DLC will be figured out.

    EDIT: I totally forgot to mention that I'll be doing a PS3 version for this editor as well :)

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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    wait are you saying you can add guys as dlc with this editor? and congrats on taking over the entire scene in less than a year. lol

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    Re: WWE '13 Save Editor

    Thank you so much for the tool.


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