game save. i downloaded the brute force save data and decrypted my save data bro brute the i used d3 decrypt tool to decrypyt the .HRO file so i can use the diablo 3 basic editor. i keep on getting wrong file selected while trying to decrypt using d3 decriypt tool. i also have corrupted my characters in diablo 3 and lost all my stash.. im not good at this stuff. i dont know what else to do. pls help im in desperate need of assistance. i just need to be able to modify and have good character in d3.

2nd question. is there a way i can recover my corrupted file? im was stupid because i forgot yo back up my save file before i did the modding process. im now back to zero. lost all 3 lvl 60 charac and lost all the items that i got from nice mods i played with.