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Is Horizon Premium wise to get
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    scorn Is Horizon Premium wise to get

    I'm just wondering if anyone has gone premium or platinum or whatever the hell its called on horizon. If so, is it worth spending money on? Thanks for viewing

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    Re: Is Horizon Premium wise to get

    "diamond" lol but i would not waste money on that it does not seem like a good deal most of what they offer you can find here for free
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    Re: Is Horizon Premium wise to get

    Props out to the guys who made Horizon but it's completely optional. Most people who pay for stuff like that stumble upon Horizon BEFORE they realize there are communities like 360Haven pretty much making everything they do without the fees. It's totally fine for them to charge but you should always do your research before you commit to anything, it's just plain logic you can adapt to anything in your life.
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