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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Download removed due startup problems.

    Thx for the report guys.
    Not home right now , gonna fix it later!
    Sry for releasing it too fast without testing on my other old xp first ...
    Hope u can wait a bit...
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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    had to come back and say thanks again. just beat the undertaker's streak with lesnar. maxing the speed to 255 makes him walk really funny...like the benny hill show, haha. backing it off to 200 took care of it though. being able to kick out of 3 tombstone pile drivers and a last ride was awesome. just kept beating 'taker down with chair shots and sledge hammer blows until he slowed down enough to stop countering every move. gonna rest in peace tonite :)

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Looks great! Can't wait for the Caws and npc's to come out.
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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    When will you post the download link with npc for WWE 2K14 because i really want to play as Miss Elizabeth? and by the way i downloaded and thanked you for your last WWE'13 editor it rocked!

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    I wonder if you can use NPCs online this year. I would be really cool to use Paul Heyman online..Or Mr.Fuji

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    yo im trying to use the tool but i guess i need more work from second chance to jr member

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    And HACKER-T DOES IT AGAIN! Awesome work fam! can't wait for a universe editor but this is a great start bro! Thanks!

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Here's a PS3 save hopen for support too nice tool cant wait too TRY. SAVE HERE



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