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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    well on another computer your editor worked. ive no idea why and that computer is not really updated. it didnt even have winrar on it. I had to download that.

    that said when it loaded the editor worked and booted up in game just fine.

    the only issue I have is and maybe this has to do with undertaker and beat the streak mode but when i tried to set undertakers stats above 100 he freezes everytime he reverses. Im not sure if its the stats are above 100 or above what his weightclass allows. I dont know. hes the only one whos stats i tried changing. so something weird happens with undertaker and stat changing.

    on another note the menu selection glitch is still usable and its even better this year.

    1. make sure you have one female character.
    2. make sure the in game divas are hacked to males.
    3. pick a match to play
    4. select the divas first(the diva menu).
    5. now pick whoever you want as the game will scroll through the entire roster including CAWs.
    6. *this is the bonus*. if you now press B to unselect the first person in the match you notice the game will now goto the managers selection menu. you can now select one of the four managers for player 1 to play as.
    7. ?????
    8. profit.

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Quote Originally Posted by KingBizz View Post
    yo im trying to use the tool but i guess i need more work from second chance to jr member
    You are 8 posts away from becoming a member and 68 posts away from becoming a senior member :)

    This code will allow Renatus members to use your tool.

    ElseIf str.Contains("Thank you for logging in, " + UsernameTextBox.Text + ". (34)") = True Then : valid = vbTrue
    '(34) = Renatus Members ( second chance users)
    valid = True
    group.Text = "Renatus Members"
    userN.Text = UsernameTextBox.Text
    MsgBox("Thank you for logging in " + UsernameTextBox.Text)
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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    I've been waiting for someone to finally make a hack tool! It's annoying to play Divas matches Online since nobody joins, this should fix it! :D Thank you!
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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Great work as always - really hope you can work out a way around the ingame models name and height modifiers, as basically the only modding I really want to do is to be able to rename models I've imported from previous games

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Thanks for the tool! going to check it out asap

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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Ok i just changed a bit and tested arround on 2 diffrent computers.
    Old Windows Xp 32bit .Net Framework 3.5 and Windows 7 32 Bit .Net Framework 4.0.
    And it worked on both of them, even on the old Xp. Had nothing installed on that XP just .Net Framework 3.5
    I don't know whats wrong with you guys computers but there is nothing wrong with my tool.

    Reuploaded the savegame editor - Enjoy!
    If you are getting startup problems, just try it on another computer - sry can't do much :/

    thx for your help. Renatus users will get access next update. meanwhile all lazy renatus users pls start getting more posts.
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    Re: WWE2K14 Savegame Editor By Hacker-T

    Works GREAT now.

    I have to step up my posting.....



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