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wwe 2k14 saves for hacker t
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    wwe 2k14 saves for hacker t

    i have attatched the 2 saves you requested

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    Re: wwe 2k14 saves for hacker t

    Hey hacker t. New here. New to modding. Have seen much of ur work on youtube and daily motion therefore ur a legend in my opinion. I have a retail at this time. I have a few questions tho.
    1)can u make the divas title a second minor championship?
    2)i saw on one video of yours for wwe 13 where u could use multiple rosters on major shows and more than two on pay perviews even if they already had a show they were on. Can u do that to this game?
    3)is it possible to inject caws to the dlc list so i dont use up spots in the caw slots?
    Thanks even if im asking for impossible stuff. Like i said i got a retail but am considering rgh. Let me know whats possible and in what version(retail,rgh,jtag)

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    Re: wwe 2k14 saves for hacker t

    Guys this is a thread if you want to talk directly to hacker t you need to use the private message function or post on his profile plus this is in the wrong section and this thread really don't need to be open for questions that are directed to one specific member like i said use private messages for this



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