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    Assassins Creed IV Game Save xbox 360

    This is My own Assassins Creed IV starter Save all progress made by me...it will be updated one more time for end game completion, templar keys and Mayan stones. Recommend playing on your own at least up till the starter save point for story unlocking order. USE THE STARTER SAVE TO GET MOST REGULAR ACHMTS. THEN LOAD THE second and third to get last parts of the game completed if you have not already beat the game.

    Okay this might be the last update

    UPDATE 3: 11/16/2013
    Save Labeled "Memory Sequence 12"


    Templar Keys 5/5 - Templar Armor in inventory

    Mayan Stela 16/16 Mayan Ancient Civi Armor "Best in Game" Equipped"

    Jack Draw Upgraded 99.9 (this last upgrade is gotten in xbox live Kenways Fleet Mission - after 3rd mission )

    4 Legendary ships still available (saved those for last)

    13/15 Abstergo computers hacked

    UPDATE 2: 11/14/2013
    Save Labled Assassins Creed IV 90%.rar
    Memory fragment 5 - right after you get the Diving Bell and get the underwater Medicine and must Meet up with Black Beard.


    The Entire World Map Explored and all locations available for Fast travel

    ALL Except one Land location explored 100%

    All Except one Underwater locations explored 100%

    ALL Enemy Sea Forts Destroyed and under Pirate Control

    29/30 world Animus fragments collected

    49/50 world treasure chest collected

    13/16 mayan stones collected (The remainder is part of Story)

    One Cadiver left to collect

    one letter left to collect

    One Pirate contract left

    One bar left to unlock

    2/5 Templar Keys

    Pirate Base Camp Upgraded 100% (sorry it couldnt 98%)

    Ship Upgraded 98% last non essential upgrade still left

    All health Upgrades created

    All armor upgrades created

    All Dart upgrades created

    hunter outfit created

    60+ Abstergo challenges Completed

    6 Abstergo computers Hacked

    3 Art Pieces Purchased

    10000 R

    (The remaining upgrades and collectibles are all in one small land location and one underwater location get those and the collectibles will be at 100%)

    This Save includes:
    The start of the game right after you get your ship and crew in main story very early campaign but with best weapons and the Jackdraw upgraded fully up to the last upgrade which is available through story progression.

    The Pirate Captain outfit 12000 FL

    Pirate Captains Sword

    The Best Side Arm dual holster

    Jackdraw upgraded to 86% (last upgrade available through story)

    Harpooning upgraded fully

    32 abstargo challanges completed

    level 3 pirate hunter sunk and several hundred ships pirated.

    Available locations explored 100% (chest,animus,maps,letters)

    Available Assassin Contracts completed

    2000 cloth (max)

    1000 wood

    700 steel

    3000 money

    Wanted level 4 pirate

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    good work man!!!

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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    Great save share solid prime :)
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    Points: 1,265,697, Level: 99
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    Points required for next Level: 903
    Level completed: 94%, Points required for next Level: 903
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    Overall activity: 0%

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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    Nice save will try soon

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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    good share solid prime
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    Points: 344,234, Level: 59
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    Level completed: 54%, Points required for next Level: 149,766
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    Overall activity: 90.0%

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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    Great save Thanks

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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    Thanks solid prime :)

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    Re: Assassins Creed IV Game Save

    great save


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