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How's Everyone Liking Battlefield 4?
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    How's Everyone Liking Battlefield 4?

    Hey, Battlefield 4 launched not too long ago, what do you guys think of it? It's a little buggy online, but besides the bugs, it's just what I expected

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    Re: How's Everyone Liking Battlefield 4?

    single player is just awful feels the same as call of duty ghost, i haven't tried online yet though
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    Re: How's Everyone Liking Battlefield 4?

    I personally think it's an awesome game. I've never been a big fan of CoD and actually have grown to hate the series due to them pumping out garbage renditions of the first modern warfare to keep the series going and then watching the fans eat it up like it's something new. Bf4, on the other hand, feels a lot more gritty and rugged than any of the CoD games and actually got me hooked on the story line.

    MP is great regardless of the initial release bugs, I think. It's actually fairly well balanced which already puts it leagues ahead of CoD in terms of competitive play on random match lobbies. It's also a hell of a lot more realistic..... = win. No more getting shot through an entire building, but rather, you can get your teammate to blow a hole in the building with any of the plethora of available explosives, giving you a clear shot and leaving you and your teammate feeling like total badasses.

    In my opinion, this game beats the hell out of any cod and makes ghost look like game from a high school kid's programming class. But, to each their own. If you prefer cod over bf then that's what makes you happy and I have the utmost respect for that :)
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    Re: How's Everyone Liking Battlefield 4?

    I dislike battlefield 4, the game is just no fun online in my opinion :/
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