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    serious business COD GHOSTS EXTINCTION GUIDE

    this is a guide on how to survive a while it required a team and some practice but if you follow my instructions you should have little problems making past the second wall

    i play medic.... and how i play is basically like team captain
    i cant stress enough how important completing the challenges are if you complete the challenge+kill the hive you get 2 skill points i make everyone focus on 3 main points
    the class to max
    and any 2 from the d-pad choices

    my load out is medic, the 3 burst pistol,armor pierce ammo, shield, grenade turret, and mortar
    the first 4 hives i only use my pistol unless the challenge asks for a specific weapon
    if i fail ANY challenge in the first 4 hives my team usually restarts
    as i begin getting skill points i focus ONLY on my medic skills (that regen health is invaluable in the first area) once my medic is maxed i then go for my armor (armor uses 1 skill point per level very fast to max) by the time we make it to the second hive wall im pumping out armor whenever I run out of armor(i dont recommend dropping armor all time time since you automatically pick it up even if your armor is full). I use mortar ONLY when i see my team is down with my skills im able to resurrect 1 player before my mortar finishes bombing.

    My engineer is the vain of my team
    he runs
    engineer, 3 burst pistol, regular ammo, feral instincts, turret, IMS
    Same as above with subtle changes
    works primarily on the engineer skills but evenly works on the turret he is the one that drops the turret only when we are at a hive wall mostly pops low level IMS system to help protect the drills after maxing the engineer skills and turret he begins points into the IMS

    weapon specialist is my support
    3 burst pistol, Fire ammo, grenade supply,turret,mortar
    ALL points go into grenade supplies, and specialist skills by the first hive wall we have bouncing betty which is a godsend to help the engineer pump shots into the wall with the turret occasionally drops ammo to help our Tank and when people go down if i do not have the funds to hit mortar this guy does sticks close to medic for ultimate support

    this guy..... this guy is my walking armory
    3burst pistol, ammo, the syringe skill, grenade turret, IMS
    ALL tank skills, and All Ammo Skills by the first wall his ammo skill is high enough to fill our guns completely this guy helps the engineer protect drills with IMS but is mostly the one getting the most damage from the iron mole rat alien (the 3rd area aliens) usually gets the LMG's and drops a syringe whenever he needs to reload during hive walls he is dropping ammo crates like no ones business (usually the one to go down before engineer due to him having to be in the front of our group)

    this is the way i play extinction and out of the 9 or 10 games i have played i have made it all the way to the nuke activation
    after we activate the nuke we need to run back to the spawn point running into spawn barriers on the way back where you need to kill all the aliens in the area for the barrier to be destroyed we have made it back to town before dying (the game gets almost impossible by this point due to the heavily armored mole rat thing)

    i use the 3 burst pistol because i do not level up my pistol AT ALL and it seems to be the most consistent in damage even in the later areas without any levels and by the time we get to activate the nuke we have extra skill points that i either add to my pistol, or increase my ammo drop (remember i play medic might be different depending on your class loadout)

    hopefully you find this helpful :D (currently level 17 so at higher level i will be running different things)
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    By Original Boss (Naruto Uzumaki)
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    nice guide, this should be helpful when i play the game
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    Great job on the guide Soap extinction is way better then the zombie shit on black ops :D
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