Hey everyone I've been a longtime member unfortunately I forgot my login info so I had to create a new account that's why I am a leech *sigh*. But lets get to my real question at hand. I have Skyrim with all
the DLC and entered the "PSB" command prompt. I want to know how to delete the spells that are duplicate and the developer spells and shouts that crash the game. There are alot of pretty amazing spells and shouts from the PSB command that don't crash the game. I know Its possible because I saw X Elysian X on youtube. He has PSB active but he somehow got rid of all the junk and the spells and shouts that crash the game. Does anyone know how he did that. I tried the "markfordelete" command prompt but nothing. If anyone knows how to clean up the spells and shouts after using the PSB command and still keep the cool ones like Dragon Firebreath. Please let me know. Or if you have a Bat file thats even better. To whoever helps me solve this I will automatically + rep and like ya. So please help me. I am so confused. Thank you very much in advance.