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Looking For a Specific Forza 2 save and profile
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    Stop Looking For a Specific Forza 2 save and profile

    I'm looking for a save of Forza 2 with 100% of everything done! Cars bought, time trials, everything! And I am looking for a gamer profile with all the achievements unlocked to go with it. I am planning on doing the glitch here:


    But unfortunately I don't know anyone with this all completed. And now with one of the achievements impossible to get legit, I'm resorting to alternate means. (For those interested the achievement is "Car Broker").

    Please help me out! I've searched everywhere, but can't find what I'm looking for!

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    Re: Looking For a Specific Forza 2 save and profile

    I found another way to get what I want. Don't worry about helping out with this anymore.



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