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PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!
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    Fire PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    I can't believe this, the PS3 supports 3D. I know it was installed later via a system update. But there shouldn't be any reason why the PS4 doesn't support 3D at launch. This is disappointing because I already promised my brother he could have my PS3, so now I won't be able to watch any of my movies in 3D.

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    Re: PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    they will probably add it eventually in a patch/update, with Sony focusing on games with ps4 this does not really surprise me, not that i have 3d tv anyways lol, hell you needed to download an update just to watch normal blu ray and dvd movies too on ps4, so like i said im not really surprised but im still liking the ps4 ;)
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    Re: PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ManatuBeard
    PS4 will support 3D, now if devs will bother making games in 3D its another question, since it usually requires some sacrifice of image quality.

    Sony didnt advertise the 3D as much as with the PS3 because their 3D TV sales, since the ps3, havent really increased and the TV division is actually losing money now.

    Sony advertised the 4K for movies only, again the sales of 4K TVs are really low and the sacrifice in visual effects of games would be BIG!
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    Re: PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    I'm sure they will add support eventually, then again I don't have a 3D tv, and I'll wait to get a ps4

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    Re: PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    well you're half way there, now just give someone your ps4 and you'll be golden ;p

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    Re: PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    That does not bother me much since i don't like the whole 3d craze in any case, some movies say 3d and then just have 3-4 scenes with proper 3d the rest of the movie just has blur spots or a lousy attempt at 3d.
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    Re: PS4 does not support Blu-Ray 3D!!

    Both systems launched with a wimper.
    Give them both time and they will both show things we're not even thinking about yet!!!



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