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[WIP] PS4 Save Format Research
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    [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    hey guys, today i'm starting this thread to Research the ps4 fileformat together.
    eventually all found research will go to 360haven Wiki.

    We take the ps4 save of Assassin's Creed Black Flag
    [Save By CloudStrife]

    Save Format:

    Save Key File:

    Save BlockTable:

    Addional Info :
    I'm not sure yet how the structure is like, but it seems like they are using different blocks/Files, they might be using FilePackaging.
    Each block/file Is encrypted, encryption is not known yet, but it might be AES-CBC with IV and File Key...research will tell.
    The Encrypted Blocks start at 0x8000.
    The Key file might contain the keys we need to decrypt the fileblocks, but even the keyfile.bin might be encrypted.

    Another posibilitie would be that the blocks are Encrypted with another Algorithm and uses the key/hash at the blocktable...time will tell.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts/research here, i will keep this thread updated whenever new information is availible.
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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    thanks guys
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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    While I think we really need to examine a different game as well before we go defining whats what I concur about the blocks, the changes between two saves are rather uniform suggesting it's not a case of just shrouding the entire thing in encryption.

    Taking into account what we already know about AC4 and it's save structure, unless the ps4 uses mandatory compression (doubtful) on saves I dobut theres any at work here because it doesn't show up on the xbox360 which if I remember also had some ps4 code in the xex suggesting they were probably brewed from very similar source. We'll know exactly what the actual gamesave looks like when we see it, until then it's just a case of dissection. The keyfile is going to be a bitch no matter how involved it is, the fact it even exists is cause to complain, talk about over the top, typical Sony.

    I'm pretty sure we're looking at the equivalent of a CON package, I seem to have already forgotten but doesn't the AC series also use multiple save files? Clearly there is some digging to be done. Does the ps3 bruteforcer have any possible application here? I never did check how that actually worked, didn't really care at the time, was just happy it existed.

    Simply put: leet skillz+ ps4 sdk leak+ eboot(?) examination = pwned. It's all a waiting game really, I can tell I'm not going to be much help at the intial stages but I should be useful when it comes to desiging a framework for editors.

    But we really need more games to examine, what the hells the holdup? Theres at least 2 games out!
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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    I don't get my PS4 until Monday, but I will have saves for Knack and Killzone Shadowfall if no one else has gotten it up yet.

    AC saves do have two gamesaves; one is the GameSaveA and the back up is GameSaveB (not the actual filename since I forget, but it ends in 'A' and 'B')

    Glad to see there is already work being done on this. I'm getting an XB1 if I can score one midnight launch as well. (Dead Rising 3, Ryse, AC4, and Forza 5)

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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    okay guys here is another save for ACIV but this time its the entire save folder for the game, which includes the profile/options file for the game:
    This save has 6218 reales
    i didn't include profile/options file last time since i wasn't sure if you guys needed that

    i also have a save for Resogun a free ps plus arcade game on ps4, so here is that save as well:

    though the only stat for that is the leaderboard score which i would rather not mod lol
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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    i can post my saves as well. heres the games i currently have.

    01) need for speed rivals
    02) knack
    03) lego marvel super heroes
    04) battlefield 4
    05) call of duty ghosts
    06) killzone shadow fall
    07) madden 25 (didnt start it yet)

    08) warframe (can play solo/friends only/online) free to play
    09) blacklight (didnt start it yet) free to play
    10) contrast
    11) resogun
    12) dc universe online (not installed right now) free to play
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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    here are 2 of my saves, knack and resogun

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    Re: [WIP] PS4 Save Format Research

    Glad to see this happening would love to see soe editors in the future


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