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hacked WWE2k14 pt logos? Anyone? ;)
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    hacked WWE2k14 pt logos? Anyone? ;)

    Hello my friends!!!
    I noticed yesterday that there r already some "hacked" logos in the cc section @ WWE2k14;

    As it seems like my source for this kind of stuff isn't available anymore i wanted to ask if someone is maybe in the mood to help me out with making some logos for me;

    If so you can for sure send me a private massage, otherwise you maybe get tons of requests from others! ;)

    However, if someone got a solution to offer it would be much appreciated!

    Thanks a lot & Cheeers from Austria!

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    Re: hacked WWE2k14 pt logos? Anyone? ;)

    I know that people are importing using jtag 360's and jailbroken ps3's. I do not beleive that the game has been out long enough for someone to create a program to import textures yet.

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    Re: hacked WWE2k14 pt logos? Anyone? ;)

    Yeah, the past programs for importing Paint Tools were created by brienj. Unfortunately, I don't believe he'll be doing anything regarding these games this year.

    Like Myrus said, there are other ways to get them in there if you have a modded console. However, there are no programs that'll simply let you import them into the saved Paint Tool file like we could last year.



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