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1000GS Metal Gear Solid Collection Savesets
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    Spook 1000GS Metal Gear Solid Collection Savesets

    First, credit where it is due.
    I made 21/24 of the MGS2 saves so I get credit for that.
    The "Tell Me a Tale" save is from Femto (360haven)
    The "Virtually Impossible" save was a joint effort from both BD132 and NegativeONE (360haven)
    The "Great Dane" save is also from NegativeONE (360haven).

    For Metal Gear Solid 3, that saveset already existed because of the awesomeness that is Femto (360haven),
    but rather than just put out a save file for just MGS2, and make people search for Femto's MGS3 save files,
    I combined them since MGS2 & 3 are both on the one disc and share achievements.
    Also, some of his files were mixed up, but I corrected that. (see readme)

    Now, the only other thing to say is that the MGS2 games are NTSC and MGS3 are PAL.
    So save file swapping is required for the games that aren't in your region.

    In case people don't know how to do that, here's how.

    (I strongly recommend getting Horizon from www.xboxmb.com to mod your saves.)

    1. Make your own save.
    Play the game on stupidly easy until you get to where you can call a codec to save. Save.

    2. Open up my save and extract the Data & Master files to your desktop (they are in the contents of the save).

    3. Open your save and delete your Master and Data files, then inject mine in.
    (They won't appear in the save until you rehash-and resign and re-open the save.)

    4. Rehash and resign. Load and Play.

    Also, there are instructions for every save,
    and for the 3 (pain in the ass) MGS2 saves that were made by other people,
    I added youtube links to their instruction files,
    because they were so frustrating they made me want to punch my mother. Sorry mom.

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    Re: 1000GS Metal Gear Solid Collection Savesets

    Wonderful...Thanks a bunch for this great save
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    Re: 1000GS Metal Gear Solid Collection Savesets

    Thanks I'll try later ... Good work

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    Re: 1000GS Metal Gear Solid Collection Savesets

    Great savesets share NeoMike :)
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    Have a nice day Re: 1000GS Metal Gear Solid Collection Savesets

    Thanks Man



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