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NBA 2K14 Time To Vent
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    NBA 2K14 Time To Vent

    I have played every 2K sports NBA game & loved them but this newest edition is frustrating me no end. It seems every team I play in MY Career is an all star team, players rarely miss shots & the D the opp plays is always intense. When I play NBA 2K14 My Career I honestly have to really concentrate even though I have maxed out my player in all stats ( I feel sorry for the players who don't mod their players)

    The main problem I occur is fouls, the slightest infringement & it's automatic for this reason I have stopped trying to steal the ball ( even with active hands & others for easy steals set as player abilities). I have searched other forums about this topic and have found I am not the only person who has noticed that 2K sports have increased the difficulty of My Career........Why have they done this?
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    Re: NBA 2K14 Time To Vent

    Well my friend if you dont like it ill be happy to deal for it lol i love those games and im excited about the difficulty bc to many time i buy sports games like madden and find i cant play them because they are so easy and predictable. tho it can be frusterating i agree



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