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    Re: Gran Turismo 6 $20,000,000 cash + Few cars [Starter Save]

    Ok i did the work got the save moved to my drive it ran on the unlatched disc version if you let it update to 1.03 the save becomes corrupted if you remove the patch it works
    any ideas on how to get it working with the patch

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    Re: Gran Turismo 6 $20,000,000 cash + Few cars [Starter Save]

    woooooooooooooooow very nice thank you

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    Re: Gran Turismo 6 $20,000,000 cash + Few cars [Starter Save]

    Hi can I ask, does this save stop you from unlocking any trophies. I try'ed it already and its fantastic starting with 21.000.000 lol but the Novice Graduation trophy didn't unlock so I'm just asking, do you think there are anymore trophies you unlocked that I might have'to do on my own save first? :) thx

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    Re: Gran Turismo 6 $20,000,000 cash + Few cars [Starter Save]

    seems to work fine with gt6 patch 1.04 :)

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    Re: Gran Turismo 6 $20,000,000 cash + Few cars [Starter Save]

    Thanks for sharing, interesting question though...my save file is 18gb?? i plug 16gb with 2gb used and my ps3 is saying that i need another 4gb.
    i find it hilarious and very anoying..help

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    Re: Gran Turismo 6 $20,000,000 cash + Few cars [Starter Save]

    obrigado, funcionando perfeitamente


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