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[Tutorial] Converting game saves to work in any Region
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    Converting game saves to work in any Region

    Okay sorry this took as long as it did to get up...but i am a busy man.....

    okay now people are downloading game saves and they do not always get the game save from the region they live in so most of the time that save will show up as corrupted. There are two regions that game saves are filed under

    1. NTSC (USA,Mexico,Canada,Japan)

    2. Pal (all eothers - Europe,Asia,Australia)

    now the thing you must realize with at least the Xbox360 is that the saves mostly use the same type of formatting and its essentially the same code only thing different is the file and folder name.

    The NTSC region xbox reads a set of pre-assigned name set to match the Game title, so does pal.

    1. If you own a NTSC system and downloaded the game save from a pal game.

    2 Then All you must do is rename that folder and the file of the PAL save with pre-assigned name set given to the NTSC version of the game.

    3. This will make xbox 360 think it is NTSC and be playable.

    4. Do the opposite if you have downloaded a NTSC save and wants to play on PAL game then you must just rename that NTSC save folder and save file with the pregiven PAl name set for that title. (you can try to look it up if you dont know or ask some one in your region)

    5. It is very important that you rename the save set and main folder for that save....with the assigned region name of the region you are playing in...

    6.That is it. Have fun
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    Re: Converting game saves to work in any Region

    Excellent information, thanks
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    Re: Converting game saves to work in any Region

    thanks man,you are a life saver

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    Re: Converting game saves to work in any Region

    Awesome share prime I can finally convert some saves :)
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    Re: Converting game saves to work in any Region

    nice tut made solid prime
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    Re: Converting game saves to work in any Region

    UHM sorry to ask so dumb, but what Folder do i have to rename ? im very new to this kind of stuff...



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