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Good game soundtracks?
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    Good game soundtracks?

    So i was wondering if you guys know any good soundtracks from games it don't matter if it's from an old game or new anything you can share is appreciated :)

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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

    any of the Tales of games soundtracks, they are simply amazing, also the soundtracks for all the Final Fantasy games are awesome as well and the .hack and .hack G.U. games soundtracks are fantastic, basically any jrpg soundtrack are absolutely a most, at least IMO lol, also Mana Khemia and Ar Tonelico games soundtracks are freaking epic, then there is the Growlanser games and Suikoden games soundtracks, also the Shin Megami Tensei games like Persona 3 and 4 and Digital Devil Saga, i could keep going but i think you get the general idea ;)
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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

    I'm gonna give you my top 12 video game soundtracks ever Period :D

    1. Nier
    2. Chrono Trigger
    3. Ace Combat Zero
    4. The Legend Of Zelda, Twilight Princess
    5. Final Fantasy X, Crystal Chronicles
    6. World Of Warcraft
    7. Dragon Age: Origins
    8. Bastion
    9. Demon's Souls
    10. Arcanum
    11. Metal Gear Solid
    12. Kingdom Hearts

    Those right there the Best of all time trust me :) check them out for yourself Boss and you'll see.
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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

    Nier has a fantastic soundtrack. City of Commerce, Cold Steel Coffin, The Wretched Automatons and Grandma are by far the best songs on the album in my opinion.

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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

    Thanks guys post back if you come up with anymore

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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

    GTA 4 Had some good ones... Also castlevania lord of shadows... and any of the olds was also good.

    Ninja Gaiden any of the olds ones... news one was ok too..
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    Re: Good game soundtracks?

    Bringing it really old school. Mother (the first one) had a really good soundtrack, and while many of those songs carried over into Earthbound, their remixed versions just weren't that good when compared to the originals. Mega Man 2 also has one of my favorite old soundtracks, as does the first Mega Man X. Also just about every Castlevania before SotN, especially Castlevania III. And you know me, I'll plug the Sonic soundtracks any day. And while most people prefer Chrono Trigger to Chrono Cross, I feel the soundtrack of the latter far and away exceeded the former. Despite the whole plagerism thing, Kenji Yamamoto's music for the DBZ Budokai games were really great as well.
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