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Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition = editor andwhat is stfs package (PC version btw)
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    nothing to say Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition = editor andwhat is stfs package (PC version btw)

    Hello :)

    as title says =

    I tried using this Editor 2 Different versions (latest and 1 older) http://www.360haven.com/forums/threa...s-save-editor/

    I did it as said in the instructions of the editor except for this "fix stfs pacakge" i dont understand at all . I was able to edit my savegame but as im in Game it said my Savegame couldnt be loaded and
    savegame information still shown old level etc.

    Anyone can help me out? Trying it with Steam PC version of Dark Souls:Prepare to Die edition ..

    I appreciate any help :) !!!

    Regards ;)

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    U can u horizon to fix the package and did u rehash and resign ?

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    Sorry I thought it was for xbox360 not PC but u need to find away to rehash and resign the save

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    Re: Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition = editor andwhat is stfs package (PC version b

    i had the same problem can anybody help us?

    I'm using Xlive and i want to transfer it to steam coz' Xlive *SUCKS*.

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    Re: Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition = editor andwhat is stfs package (PC version b

    Those editors never worked very well for the PC versions. Very few people got them to work. If you made a back up of your original file you can inject that back into the save. That may fix it so you don't lose your progress

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    Re: Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition = editor andwhat is stfs package (PC version b

    Right, lets start from the top.

    STFS Package is a container of sorts for xbox360, when one wishes to save gamedata or anything really, they use the xdk to negotiate the creation of a container which conforms to standards set by MS. Inside the container however is their business, they can do what they like and often do. The main difference between pc saves and xbox saves for most games is the pc game is comparatively 'raw' compared to 360 version which must first be extracted and then is remarkably similar. They may use different compression/encryption algorithms for a variety of reasons but at the heart of it all the datas the same.

    In summary: As a PC user, ignore it, doesn't concern you.

    Next we move on to the issue of it not loading, despite being found on steam, dark souls is a GamesForWindowsLive love-slave, it requires it at it's very core to function and being at it's core, takes root in a variety of places including gamesave management, similar to how the xbox uses a con via the xdk, gfwl has it's own little procedure which includes locking the fuck down the gamesave in a forest of encryption for no particular reason other then to be a complete nuisance (which is why it will not be mourned as it's death approachs).
    What does this mean to you? You aren't doing shit to those savegames, that isn't babbys first encryption algorithm on there it's some excessive and demented crap.
    xliveless and the like function by essentially saying fuck you to gfwl and having your saves stored elsewhere, unencrypted. This is all well and good but getting them to load up in a gfwl version game is self defeating since if you could bypass the encryption in the first place, you wouldn't bother.

    summary: It's encrypted, you aren't modding it, period. You're welcome to use a cracked version and enjoy that though, no problems there.

    I believe I already covered why you can't transfer the save, if nothing else it will be interesting to see if From deem it financially viable to update dark souls post-gfwl collapse because when it happens the game eseentially goes dead. It's a shame they even went with it in the first place but they had to for the networking support, I imagine they've gotten better without any (hence, DSII) but will it be worth it to them to patch it in hmm...
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