This is strictly for all my hacker mates out there who, like me, find it utterly hilarious to sneak in or trick your way into online cod death matches, be the biggest annoyance you possibly can, and see how long you can last before getting tossed out.. was just wondering what are some of the funniest moments you've had, things you've done, ect.
for me there are too many to count but one of the best i've had most recently is there was this one time i spotted some chick on there "knew it was a chick cause her handle was *jessica something* lol and i noticed she kept racking up kills but wasn't getting taken out by NOBODY and decided to put an end to that.. so after trial and error i finally managed to corner her and to my absolute amazement we both started firing away and NEITHER of us died! she quit instantly "obviously trying not to be discovered" while i just sat there laughing like a madman for about 10 minutes.. one of the greatest moments in my gaming history.. haven't seen her in another match till this day. then there was this one guy who kept camping at this one specific corner "can't remember the map exactly" but it was a tight corner which was pretty much impossible to be taken out when camped properly, he just sat there with some standard asmg gun blasting everyone that came his way racking up kill after kill, till i noticed him... i ran up on him with a knife and soon as he unloaded just propped right in his grill in my tracks, after 3 clips he finally stopped and just stood there staring at me, then i casually cut him down like jason voorhees.. LMFAO!!! dunno why but something about the way he just stopped and stared after he realized what was up made me laugh so hard i almost choked on my red bull!