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[Tutorial] How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive
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    How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    Okay I think this tutorial was not here so i decided to Make one for those that does not know you can. (I did not invent this method but merely sharing knowledge) Thank the people that made the tools that make it happen.

    This is for NORMAL Xbox360. You do not need a Jtag/RGh system to do this. Anyone can do this in Ten mintues or less. and will not void the warranty on your system...or prevent you from going online...

    This is to Create an official xbox360 Hard drive (SATA) that you can plug in to the Side of the Xbox. (Not a USB Flash Drive or the internal 4GB.) VERY IMPORTANT The xbox 360 hard drives are SATA so You need a PC that has the hard drives connected with SATA as well, or you will need to buy the SATA to USB wire or DOCKING STATION.

    There are 20GB/60GB/120GB/250GB/320GB all the way to 750GB. are the options for non Jtag systems. You system will only recognize 320 so if you get a 750 you will have to split it into two partitions so like having two 320GB

    First step is to gather your supplies.

    1. PC with Windows XP service pack 3 or later, Win Vista or Win 7. The PC must have SATA port on the Mother Board so you can plug the HDD into it. If you have a older machine (some XP) does not have SATA so you need a SATA to USB wire adapter ($20) or a SATA DRIVE docking Station ($40). I Prefer a docking station as it is super easy. just plug the docking unit to your PC with USB then just stick the HardDrive in to the station and you are done. FOR PEOPLE that dont know Devices on PC used to be IDE wire, so old PC will have this new PC are already SATA. For people that dont have SATA or you dont want to bother opening the PC then just get the Docking Station or Sata/USB wire converter.

    2. You need a Hard Drive and only these will work as they are the same ones that Microsoft designed to use with the system. you can pick from the sizes mentioned above. Depends on how much you can afford. I say go get atleast 320GB and be done with it...online can be cheaper.

    Works with the following Western Digital drive series: [BEAS/BEVS/BEVT/BPVT/LPVT/BEKT/BJKT/BPKT/BUDT/HLFS/BLFS]

    Scorpio Series
    WD600BEAS – 60GB
    WD800BEAS – 80GB
    WD1000BEAS – 100GB
    WD1200BEAS – 120GB
    WD1600BEAS – 160GB
    WD2000BEAS – 200GB
    WD2500BEAS – 250GB
    WD600BEVS – 60GB
    WD800BEVS – 80GB
    WD1000BEVS – 100GB
    WD1200BEVS – 120GB
    WD1600BEVS – 160GB
    WD2000BEVS – 200GB
    WD2500BEVS – 250GB

    Scorpio Blue Series
    WD3200BEVS – 320GB
    WD600BEVT – 60GB
    WD800BEVT – 80GB
    WD1200BEVT – 120GB
    WD1600BEVT – 160GB
    WD2000BEVT – 200GB
    WD2500BEVT – 250GB
    WD3200BEVT – 320GB
    WD4000BEVT – 400GB
    WD5000BEVT – 500GB
    WD6400BEVT – 640GB
    WD1600BPVT – 160GB
    WD2500BPVT – 250GB
    WD3200BPVT – 320GB
    WD5000BPVT – 500GB
    WD6400BPVT – 640GB
    WD7500BPVT – 750GB
    WD2500LPVT – 250GB
    WD3200LPVT – 320GB
    WD5000LPVT – 500GB
    WD10TPVT – 1TB

    Scorpio Black Series
    WD800BEKT – 80GB
    WD1200BEKT – 120GB
    WD1600BEKT – 160GB
    WD2500BEKT – 250GB
    WD3200BEKT – 320GB
    WD5000BEKT – 500GB
    WD800BJKT – 80GB
    WD1200BJKT – 120GB
    WD1600BJKT – 160GB
    WD3200BJKT – 320GB
    WD5000BJKT – 500GB
    WD3200BPKT – 320GB
    WD5000BPKT – 500GB
    WD7500BPKT – 750GB

    AV-25 Series
    WD1600BUDT – 160GB
    WD2500BUDT – 250GB
    WD3200BUDT – 320GB
    WD5000BUDT – 500GB

    VelociRaptor Series
    WD1500HLFS – 150GB
    WD1600HLFS – 160GB
    WD3000HLFS – 300GB
    WD1500BLFS – 150GB
    WD1600BLFS – 160GB
    WD3000BLFS – 300GB

    YOU ALSO NEED A XBOX 360 HARD DRIVE outer case shell if you never had a Hard drive on your system before. If you already got one then take the screws off remove old drive and use that shell for the new Hard Drive AFTER YOU ARE DONE WITH EVERYTHING. this is for FAT XBOX 360 and SLIMS..how ever the cases are different for each version.....also you can buy a blank HARD DRIVE Case on Ebay for very little to almost nothing

    Most PC with Win vista or later will have SATA enabled on the Mother Board. (SOME XP machines) SATA is only the DATA transfer wire for your Hard Drive you need this and the Power plugged in order to let your PC recognize and copy files to this new drive. Those that dont know just open PC case and unplug your PC's drives POWER and SATA wire, then PLUG it into the new drive you bought...For those that dont have a new PC just USE a SATA to USB wire or DOCKING STATION.

    3. You need a Flash drive any flash drive will do, size will not matter as long as its 100MB or more

    4. App for your PC called Bootable USB Drive Creator Tool for XP and WIN 7 (attached at bottom)

    5. APP for you PC called HddHackr_v1.40_Build_20130303 (attached at bottom)

    6. XBOX 360 Hard Drive Security Dump file. (attached at bottom)

    6. Plug your USB Flash Drive to PC....Unzip and open/run Bootable USB Drive Creator Tool, be sure to right click and run as an administrator. Use the setting below...

    Set the file system as FAT
    Cick quick format and Create bootable drive
    Select the box with 3 dots and choose the USB Drive Boot Files\MS-DOS folder as the location.
    Hit start and you will have a bootable usb drive within a few seconds.

    7. Unzip/Extract HddHackr_v1.40_Build_20130303

    8. Now Copy those files to the root of your Flash drive you made Bootable. so it should look like this


    9. Now Unzip/Extract the HDDSS320, rename the file HDDSS320 to HDDSS, now copy this to your bootable flash drive. now should look like this


    10. Shut Down PC.

    11. Connect your Flash drive

    12. Connect your new Hard Drive ( Now if you got this new Hard Drive plugged in directly to your PC motherboard then make sure you pulled out all other HDD so you dont accidentally format your PC Hard Drive.)

    13. Set you PC to Boot from Flash Drive (F11 on some PC,others may need to go to bios) and make sure when you turn it on the flash drive you created is whats booting. (If presented with Legacy Mode on some PC machines then set it to Legacy mode ON)

    14. Turn your PC back ON.

    15. If the Flash Drive Booted you should see this C:\>

    16. Now type in "hddhackr" and press ENTER

    17. If everything is good you should see the list Hard Drives that is plugged into your PC. Hopefully You see only one because you unplugged the rest like i stated before.

    18. Type the number of the drive that you want to flash and hit enter so if you have one drive shown. and its the first one then you would type "1" and hit ENTER

    19. This will give you three more options DUMP/FLASH/RESTORE pick "FLASH" by typing "F"

    20. Type in the name of the security sector you want to flash, this will be "HDDSS.BIN" if you have followed this tutorial.

    You will get a message saying that the information in file HDDSS.BIN does not match the drive’s firmware info. Do you want to flash the Xbox 360 compatible firmware? Type "Y" for yes and press ENTER.

    YOU are DONE..... enjoy a Brand new XBOX 360 hard Drive for fraction of the cost. If you have everything setup and ran through the steps before you try it then this should be no more than 10 min.

    21. Now you Have a Hard drive so put it back inside the HDD casing /Shell and plug back to Xbox....DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONNECT THE hard Drive without a case it will mess up your port..and then you be F$$ed....good day and enjoy...

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    Great tutorial....Thank you so much
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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    Thank you, good guide

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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    I don't know if he copy pasted his information or not but it sounds an awful lot like the guide I used nearly 3 years ago to flash a 250gb hard drive for my Xbox 360.

    Here's the link for anyone in case his version of the guide wasn't clear enough, this site has pictures and detailed explanations and if you sign up to their forums they will do everything they can to help you through the process.

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    If anyone's willing to lend me their spare time and mod a couple of saves for me, I have a couple of requests.
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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    Great TuT share Solid Prime :)
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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    very nice boy!

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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    very nice tut made solid prime
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    Re: How to Create Your own Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive

    UWSCSS thanks for sharing the tutorial from digiex. Just a question, are those "outer shell cases" for use with X360 being sold elsewhere reliable?
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