Hello ,

( First I want to say I'm Brazilian , so my english sucks , sorry )

I made a donation to the Jappi and in return received the " Save Editor for Diablo ," I'm just not getting to use the program if someone help me would be very grateful ( to be more willing to make a small donation ^ ^ )

I will describe step by step WHAT I did, so that you guys can help me the best way possible
Let's start :

1 - I copied my Save the Ps3 for Pen Drive

2 - I used brute force to decrypt my save ( See if I did everything right )
- I opened my save the PenDrive

- I clicked on the " Decrypt All Files " and clicked " Yes" in the window that appears

- I confirmed this and apparently all " ok "

3 - After that I opened the " Diablo 3 Beta SE " program

- Read the " Help"

- Then I pressed Alt + D to open the folder decrypt save

- Now comes the problem , opening the folder to save me the following error message appears :

- How am Brazilian message appears in " Portuguese " , then I'll write a post on "Ingles "
" An unhandled exception occurred in aplicativo.Se occurred you click Continue , the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue . If you click Quit, the application will be terminated immediately "
- Then click on " Continue " and appears to me just this :

Finished ...
Due to the error that appears I can not use the tool , then I ask you to help me solve my problem
Thanks and sorry for the mistake of English