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Simple tutorial on how to mod a PC game
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    Simple tutorial on how to mod a PC game

    For this tutorial i will be using the latest game which is metal gear rising

    First you will need cheat engine go here to download

    Once installed open up cheat engine and start the game you wish to mod on

    Click this button

    And choose the correct process most will be fairly obvious with the same name like in my case but some games will show as initials without the games icon

    Next i'm going to mod the points i have so my current value is 11383 go ahead and type it in the value box and then click first scan

    Depending on how big the value you are searching for you may have a ton off addresses but because i already have a decent high value only a few addresses have came up so in order to further decrease the addresses we can spend some points so i went ahead and spent 8000 on a fuel cell upgrade for my character

    Which would now leave me 3383 points so what you will need to do now is again type your current amount into the value box and then hit next scan

    Now most people will do the same thing again buy something and re search the value to decrease it but it's not really necessary unless you want to really make sure you're editing the correct value without breaking or crashing the game in some way but i found it's okay for this game

    So now go ahead and highlight the last addresses and drag them into the box below

    Next highlight all the addresses and right click change record >> value >> set it to what you want and click okay

    All done :)

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    Re: Simple tutorial on how to mod a PC game

    You can also do this for some games on Facebook like Candy Crush or Criminal Case. Mind you that this doesn't work for -every- Facebook games, because most of those games keep their data server-side only, meaning it's impossible to change, because it'll be constantly checked to see if it matches the data that the 'server' has.
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    Re: Simple tutorial on how to mod a PC game

    Great tutorial OriginalBoss......much appreciated
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    Re: Simple tutorial on how to mod a PC game

    good tutorial Boss, should be helpful to those who have pc games
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    Re: Simple tutorial on how to mod a PC game

    Awesome TuT Boss thanks for sharing bro :)
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