hi guys this is a tut on how to hex edit a testing hall on oblivion well lets start

first u need to start up ur game and go to the adbaned mine on the far right hand side of the map go in side and and stand under the first lanton thats on the celing save the game and open up your save in hex editor now search this offset adbaned mine (3D5C0100) now replace it with testing hall (92DB0300) save rehash and resigin load your save and u should be in the testing hall grab wot u want do wotever u want save extract your save again and sarch for the testing hall offset and repalce it with the adbandned mine hex code save rehas and reisign and u will be back in the adbaned mine always back up your save before hexing just in case it messis up your save im not responerable for any save corupstion enjoy your modding and if anyone has problems with this upload a copy of your save and i will do it for you hope it helped