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Which is better PS4 or XBOX 1
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    Which is better PS4 or XBOX 1

    Iam trying to figure which one is better I will have enough money for one or the other. I liked the Ps3 and the xbox 360 about the same but its time to upgrade.

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    Re: Witch is better PS4 or XBOX 1

    It depends on what games you want to play more. The only thing I've been playing on the X1 is Killer Instinct.
    Both the PS4 and X1, lack the ability to play MP3s in the background, from external drives out of the box.
    If you want to play Titanfall on console, then X1 is your poison.
    If you want to play Destiny more, then PS4. Final Fantasy XV and KH3 are most likely going to have more bonuses for the PS4.
    Also if you like Guilty Gear, the new one [Xrd] comes out on PS4 first, after the arcade release.
    Really as far as I'm concerned, the PS4 is better just due to how awesome PS+ is over XBL Gold. That instant and excellent game library, is a feature MS need to copy and improve.

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    Re: Witch is better PS4 or XBOX 1

    Don't know about the X1 as it still does not have a release date in my country however the PS4 so far is working out great. And next month infamous second son is being released (PS exclusive) this will maybe nudge you in the RIGHT direction.
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    Re: Witch is better PS4 or XBOX 1

    I ended up getting an X1. Killer Instinct is one of my favorite fighters ever and Dead Rising 3 is really fun. Dead Rising 3 is just one of those games to me you can put in after a bad day and have some fun with. But I was going to buy a PS4 at first because it was $100 less and I dont care about Kinect. I have my Kinect off. I will end up getting a PS4 eventually but right now the few X1 exclusives that are out were a selling point for me. Plus I am looking forward to Titanfall



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