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[Release] DBZ Battle of Z Editor
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    DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    Hey guys, here is my Editor for the FULL RETAIL version of the DBZ Battle of Z game. Hope you guys enjoy it :D I had to dumb down the Character Editing part so that I could include all the Characters.

    dmca Do not post this on any other website without my permission!!!

    1. Open your "DATA.bin" file into Horizon and click the "Contents" tab
    2. Extract the "svgm_000.txt" file from the Contents menu
    3. Open your "svgm_000.txt" file into the Editor
    4. Mod what you want and press Save
    5. Replace the "svgm_000.txt" file back into your "DATA.bin" file
    6. Rehash/Resign
    7. PLAY!!!


    - Changed the image on the Editor (Now has an Animated Gif, was testing)
    - Added option to mod World Energy
    dmca Do not post this on any other website without my permission!!!

    Thanks to feudalnate for PackageIO

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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    Goku is epic ;), good work on this editor Idle
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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    Nice editor idle good work man

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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    Great work as always buddy

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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    awesome work. cell saga is a big pain in the head when you're using low rank characters.

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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    Does this by any chance unlock Super Vegito you can fight him in the game so I imagine you could hack to get him.

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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    This game is awesome great job Idle :) thanks bro
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    Re: DBZ Battle of Z Editor

    Does this give Super Vegito? and does anyone know if he is melee or ki type?


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