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Thread: JRPGs or WRPGs?

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    JRPGs or WRPGs?

    What up you guys! Just wanted to know what the community here thinks what the best RPG genre is, JRPG or WRPG. I enjoy both, but to be honest I enjoy JRPGs like Final Fantasy a lot more than the common WRPGs. I still enjoy games like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, but I don't have the same feeling playing these as I do when playing a JRPG. Anyway, in y'alls opinion what is the best type of RPG (JRPG or WRPG)?

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    Re: JRPGs or WRPGs?

    i like both..
    FF is great but so is fallout
    i think most WRPGs have less in common than alot of the JRPGs ...but that is just because there are a TON more JRPGs

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    Re: JRPGs or WRPGs?

    i love jrpgs, i have so many great memories from jrpg games, i have played so many and lost countless hours of sleep just to keep playing ;), i do play wrpgs but jrpgs are just way more awesome to me
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    Re: JRPGs or WRPGs?

    for me its all about wrpgs iv never really been a big fan of games like fineal faniticsy but lightning returns changed my view on that :)

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    Re: JRPGs or WRPGs?

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    i love jrpgs, i have so many great memories from jrpg games, i have played so many and lost countless hours of sleep just to keep playing ;), i do play wrpgs but jrpgs are just way more awesome to me
    I'd have to say jrpg as well, but it's close. I grew up playing games like final fantasy, so I'll always have love for jrpgs because those are what got me started gaming when I was a kid, and I have lots of good memories from the hundreds, if not thousands of hours I spent finishing those games.
    I do like wrpg games like fallout, skyrim etc. more for replayability though because how you make your character affects how you go about the game and fighting so there's a lot more replay value. I remember when I bought my first 360 I also bought oblivion, I disappeared from the world for a week with my bong, a lot of redbull, and my controller, lol. There's just something about the huge open world games that keeps me hooked. I do miss the old-school rpgs though, the ones that were "nintendo hard", I'll never forget my first trip into the marsh cave in FF1...truly traumatic, but it taught me about grinding levels. I'd say overall it would be 60/40 in favor of jrpgs.
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    Re: JRPGs or WRPGs?

    I'm a fan of both they both have some awesome games but I lean a little more to Jrpg nothing can beat there stories there gameplay there unique fighting system they just so awesomely done :D
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