Hey you guys. This thread is for people who are looking for other people to game share on the Xbox 360. This is perfectly legal if you downloaded the game or games legally.

Please use this format when posting please:
When your available:
Method of Contact:

Method of how to do this:
  • Download profile to Xbox
  • Go to settings>account>license transfer
  • After you license transfer, download the game you want from the download history
  • Wait till downloaded, then sign into your main account
  • Done, if any hassles, notify sharer and re-download

Before doing the transfer do the following:
  • Delete any billing information and any other personal information from you're account
  • Make a temporary password that will be used just for the game share

IMPORTANT: Only do this with people you TRUST and KNOW.

I'm also looking for people to do this with. My GT is Ix lVl 3 R K xI if interested. Anyway hope y'all enjoy this thread and PLEASE BE MATURE AND NOT SCAM PEOPLE.