The Rat Loader and all its upgrades are available for free."
Rockstar has released the promised Valentine's Day Massacre Special content for GTA 5 and GTA Online a little ahead of schedule. The goods can be nabbed for free as part of today's GTA 5 update.

"Hey all, as some of you have spotted already, Valentine's Day Massacre Special in-game items are now available in both GTA Online and GTAV's Story Mode," reads a comment below the last NewsWire update. "Look out for an update here on the Newswire very soon, including info on a few other fixes and additions included in this latest Title Update (1.10)."
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"The Rat Loader and all its upgrades are available for free for a limited time as part of today's title update," adds a Rockstar tweet, referring to a vehicle from the game that vaguely resembles a 1940s Ford pick-up truck. Make sure you bag yourself one of those.

You can read more about the new GTA Online content here. The new items will be available to buy in-game till the end of February, but are yours forever once you plonk the requisite amount of GTA Online cash. The new jobs are permanent additions.
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