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"Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games
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    Get Ryse cheap from 18th to 24th February

    Microsoft is toying with the crazy original concept of lower prices for digital games, studio manager Mike Ybarra has Tweeted. The first of these experiments consists of Ryse: Son of Rome for $39.99 or £34.99, which is apparently "far better than the used price at Gamestop and others."

    Here are the Tweets in question - they follow Major Nelson's comment that "competitive" digital pricing is "on the agenda". While you're chatting, Mr Ybarra, any chance of an update on the first free Xbox One games with Gold? According to Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer, details are reasonably imminent.

    they should make digital download a lot cheaper i say
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    Re: "Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games

    Question. wouldn't competing with gamestop in a way be competing with themselves?, whether Ryse is bought at Gamestop or the marketplace they get money right? I'm sure they get more from selling it digital, but wouldn't the copies at Gamestop be a waste then? but If new games go on sale often like ryse just did ,then it's not bad...but I'm assuming maybe ryse didn't sell well? thus the sale? If they start doing a digital sale every X amount of weeks or every month that'd be nice. I think digital copies should be cheaper, they don't have to do all that stuff they complain makes games more expensive, case,book,disk,etc.


    If it turned into what this gen is now, I'd be pretty happy. Xbox has been have sales like crazy lately and I've been enjoying it. weather something that is usually 60 bucks now $40/30 for a week or so, and games I forgot or were good but over-shunned but bigger titles are about $15 or less. doesn't always mean it's cheaper than Gamestop, but it's cool. If
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    Re: "Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games

    But Microsoft I already have Ryse: Son of Rome. Which was like my first game but then I also bought Just Dance 2014. :D

    Though Ryse; is a very repetitive game I do have to say. Usually it was just more the same thing over and over; like battle....(Attack, attack, heavy attack, deflect/block/dodge. Which rinse and repeat. Nonetheless though, I do like it. Really didn't care about the reviews how "BAD" it was.

    Misc: They should really drop some prices on the Xbox 360 on demand version, just saying. :3

    Yet though, I will buy my games from GameStop, if a certain game from demand version is much cheaper than the retail. Though that will not happen anytime soon.

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    Re: "Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games

    well since i have to pay for my games cheaper is better lol not that i would get Ryse regardless lol, i still don't i like the direction microsoft is taking, to me i think they are doing this since they still really want to push the all digital that they were going to do but changed their minds with all the backlash they got, i can still see it happening later down the road, the only probably with digital only is the fact that when microsoft or sony stop supporting the older consoles like 360 and ps3 or even xbox one and ps4 later in the future then will the digital downloads still work, i would imagine most still would but what about games that require always online or it needs to check to see if you are connected to the servers but can't, so then you can't play your game, i guess we will see one way or the other
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    Re: "Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games

    I suppose this is better. The digital games on 360 XBL are way overpriced in most cases. Forty bucks for a new non-indie game is pretty good. I feel like this will translate into less deals for the consumer, in turn, but it's only speculation so take that with a grain of salt just the same.

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    Re: "Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games

    And yet a quick check of Amazon shows that this same game can be bought for 37 and change at the moment. Then you could resell it later or use it on another console...which with digital games you can't without a license transfer.

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    Re: "Go digital!" Microsoft to offer "better deals" on digital Xbox One games

    Some of the sales will be cheaper then Gamestop and this is very good. They will make more money. The copies at Gamestop won't go to waste because there will always be people who will want the real copy.



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