No longer will your skeleport linker not cross up correctly. Wait, what?
Lordy, that headline reads like a botched operation conducted by an incarcerated surgeon, doesn't it? As opposed to, say, a heads-up on the latest fixes to Killer Instinct for Xbox One, in which there are teleporting skellingtons - or as Double Helix would prefer, "skeleporters".

Yes, Aoife should be writing this but she's writing up a piece on Dragon Age: Inquisition, so it's left to little old ignoramus me to guide you through the intricacies. Actually, it's perhaps safer if I just hand you the patch notes and retreat silently from view. There they are below, all glorious and incomprehensible.

Apparently counter breakers are now accessible after using a divekick as an opener. Sounds like a... positive thing? Perhaps I'll write to my MP about it.
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Jail System Adjustments

All "Jail" stats have been RESET aka "clean slate"
Fix to bug where BOTH players would go to jail on disconnect
Adjusted percentage rate for match disconnects that will cause the user to be sent to jail.
Spinal Fixes

Fix for Spinal teleport causing crash/ de-sync in corner against back dashing opponents.
Fix to manuals being unbreakable after using the dive kick as an opener
Fix to counter breakers not being accessible when using a divekick as an opener.
Fix to second Spinal divekick snapping to ground if you do it while opponent is still in reaction from first dive kick
Fix bug with Spinal skeleport linker not crossing up correctly
General Fixes

Users no longer lose points when losing a match in Survival Mode
Fixed an issue where progression data would not save. All user data, items acquired, etc. should now save properly.
Potential Fix for Ultra audio glitch (may still happen and needs more investigation).
If you perform an ULTRA COMBO in-game, you automatically win the match. Players who disconnected while their opponents perform a match-winning ULTRA COMBO, will take a loss on their win/loss stats.
Fixed an issue where players would soft-lock on the character/stage loading screen. This issue has been resolved.
The character select option from "Replays" has been removed.

In a rather shocking turn of events, Double Helix is now in the hands of Amazon - Microsoft assures us that it has "a plan in place for this transition". The game's next DLC character is Fulgore - he's scheduled to arrive in March.