Includes a chainsaw motorcycle
The third of four planned DLC chapters for Dead Rising 3 goes on sale tomorrow (Feb 25 in the US and UK, Feb 26 in Australia), and that mean-looking motorcycle hints that the chapter involves the leader of a bikie gang, Hunter Thibodeaux.

Microsoft announced Chaos Rising on its Twitter page, and this joins the previous two DLC packs, Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel, as part of the season pass. The last chapter, cunningly titled The Last Agent, will be available later this year.
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ID:	13880Like the last two chapters, Chaos Rising is a solo affair, leaving co-op purely for the main campaign. Executive Producer Josh Bridge explained it was an intentional decision so the team "could really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character's story." The previous chapters introduced Adam Kane and Angel Quijano in Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel, respectively.

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