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[Modded Save] Portal 2 Modded Gamesave
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    Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    Portal 2 script Mods BY Team XPG

    choose the modded save. choose a button load the script and start the game


    **Please note this will give 48/50 achievements because the last two don't seem to be able to work**
    **Also you MUST be host to enable sv_cheats to use these mods online (must be Atlas)**

    Orange Button - View Mods Config

    A: jump
    B: reverse depth
    X: fullbright increment
    Y: noclip
    LB: quickping
    RB: zoom
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: color static props
    STICK2: red vision
    UP: wireframe
    RIGHT: blue grid
    DOWN: green ambient lighting
    LEFT: aspect ratio increment

    Cyan Button - Semi-Legit Config

    A: jump
    B: duck
    X: use
    Y: remote view
    LB: quick ping
    RB: zoom
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: noclip
    STICK2: god
    UP: fire rocket
    RIGHT: mouse menu taunt
    DOWN: fire energy ball
    LEFT: mouse menu

    Pink Button - Assortment Config

    A: spawn turret
    B: fire rocket
    X: use
    Y: delete
    LB: create square frame prop
    RB: create computer
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: noclip
    STICK2: godmode
    UP: create chell model
    RIGHT: teleport pbody
    DOWN: set player model to chell
    LEFT: teleport atlas

    Yellow Button - Player Models Config

    A: spawn chell
    B: spawn opera turret
    X: spawn bird
    Y: spawn dummy
    LB: thirdperson
    RB: noclip
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: jump
    STICK2: quick ping
    UP: set player model to dummy
    RIGHT: set player model to opera turret
    DOWN: set player model to chell
    LEFT: set player model to a bird

    Red Button - Props Config

    A: jump
    B: spawn female
    X: spawn vault door
    Y: noclip
    LB: spawn glados
    RB: spawn velvet rope
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: spawn metal grid
    STICK2: spawn metal box
    UP: spawn boxed turret
    RIGHT: spawn lunar rover
    DOWN: delete
    LEFT: spawn wall panel

    Green Button - Colors Config

    A: jump
    B: color red
    X: color yellow
    Y: noclip
    LB: self color green
    RB: thirdperson
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: color black
    STICK2: color green
    UP: color blue
    RIGHT: color pink
    DOWN: self color black
    LEFT: color cyan

    Blue Button - NPC/Entities Config

    A: spawn tripwire rocket
    B: spawn wheatley
    X: spawn companion cube
    Y: noclip
    LB: spawn laser bridge
    RB: spawn glass ball
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: spawn turret
    STICK2: spawn monster box
    UP: spawn laser
    RIGHT: spawn exploding bomb
    DOWN: delete
    LEFT: spawn sphere

    Grey Button - Server Settings Config

    A: jump
    B: timescale increment
    X: noclip speed increment
    Y: noclip
    LB: quick ping
    RB: zoom
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: gravity increment
    STICK2: portalgun fire delay increment
    UP: place portals anywhere
    RIGHT: turrets can't target you
    DOWN: godmode
    LEFT: portal fire delay 0 (must enable this before changing the increment)

    Black Button - Misc Config

    A: jump
    B: upgrade to potato gun
    X: give rollcage
    Y: noclip
    LB: thirdperson
    RB: give antenna flag
    BACK: sv_cheats
    STICK1: fire rocket
    STICK2: fire energy ball
    UP: spawn white paint ball
    RIGHT: spawn clear paint ball
    DOWN: spawn orange paint ball
    LEFT: spawn blue paint ball

    Have Fun !!!
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    Re: Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    Thank! I can't wait to try this out! I was looking for a reason to go back through this game!

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    Re: Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    nice save share Cr4nK
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    Re: Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    amazing job, was looking for this one :)

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    Re: Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    Awesome share make this game more fun
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    Re: Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    Now I may have to replay this.
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    Re: Portal 2 Modded Gamesave

    thankyou this game is hard



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