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MGS Peace Walker HD Starter Save [Request]
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    MGS Peace Walker HD Starter Save [Request]

    I've been trying to find a file like the one initially posted in this thread for 360, but on PS3 HD version, that has the stealth camo and bandana unlocked from the start of the game. Does anyone have a file like this or if I uploaded my file, could someone mod it in such a way? I know how to resign and rehash save files, but I am lost when it comes to actually editing the data itself to add items etc.

    Alternately if those options are not a reality, I'm very much open to a fully tricked out modded save with everything unlocked and maxed out if that's more easily available.

    Thanks much!

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    Re: MGS Peace Walker HD Starter Save [Request]

    Well, I couldn't find an edited starter save, but there was a 100% save. It was useful in that it allowed me to blow through the story missions to see what happens in anticipation of MGSV Ground Zeroes, which ultimately is what I wanted. Here it is in case anyone else needs it.



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