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Profile swapping for games!
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    Profile swapping for games!

    So ive been doing some digging and i found a way to download games onto my harddrive from another account, and play them with MY account without doing a license transfer. so i was wondering if there was anyone who had Fable 2 and any other good games in their download history that would possible want to swap with me for my games. if your worried about me being a thief, you can remove your credit card from your account before you lend it to me, change your password temporarily, or anything of the sort.

    here are some of my games, dont exactly remember all of them

    Fable 3
    Dead Rising 2
    Crackdown (not sure if its 1 or 2)
    Darksiders 2
    Skyrim (and some DLC)
    Black ops 1 Annihilation and some other dlc
    MW3 (dlc only)

    Arcade games:
    Castle Crashers
    Zombie estate 2
    One finger death punch
    Zombie square
    Fortress craft
    Zombie Apocalypse
    and more

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    Re: Profile swapping for games!

    yeah just message me can i trust you?



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