We built this city on block and roll
Can you believe we're nearly two years since Minecraft released on the Xbox 360? And while we're still waiting for further news of the block building brilliance on the Xbox One, 4J Studios has in the meantime been satiating Xbox 360 owners with another new texture pack.

As announced on the PlayXBLA blog, the latest release is the City Texture pack, for which you can see some screens and a trailer below. The pack will set you back $1 in the US and Aus and 65p in the UK and you can grab it via this link.
Next up on the Minecraft update crafting table according to 4J Studios is Title Update 14, based on Java version 1.3.1 which means we can likely expect carrots, Jungle temples and much, much more. We were told that update was still "a few weeks away" a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer.

Planning to pick up this pack? Let us know what you make of -and indeed, with - it in the comments.
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