Slender: The Arrival publisher bringing Double Fine sequel and BAFTA winner to console later this year
Remember the happy news from back in January that indie horror darling Slender: The Arrival would be coming to the Xbox 360 this Spring? It seems publisher Midnight City aren't going to stop there, announcing this week that two more indie games will be console-bound later this year.

Costume Quest 2 is, as you probably guessed, a sequel to Double Fine's XBLA RPG-lite Costume Quest and will actually be the first sequel produced by the Tim Schafer-led studio. We're promised Wren and Reynold will return along with a host of new costumes, and an "upgraded battle system."
Gone Home meanwhile is a first-person adventure that's been critically acclaimed and has generated a lot of debate on a host of gaming and social issues. It also earned its creators The Fullbright Company the award for Best Debut Game at this year's Gaming BAFTAs event this week.
It's worth noting that neither Midnight City, Fullbright nor Double Fine will confirm exactly which home consoles will get which games, so we've currently no idea if they'll be on Xbox 360 or Xbox One (or both or, heaven forbid, not at all), but more details will be released "in the coming weeks and months" with Costume Quest 2 in particular aiming for a Halloween 2014 release.